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Thanks for visiting B-AAS. This site has had over a million hits over the last 3 years and below are just some of the great comments visitors have left. If you would like to leave your comments about the site for other visitors to read please do so using the form below. If you want to ask a question or report a problem please use the Feedback form to send me an e-mail instead.

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Many thanks. Sam.


To whom it may concern. This site is awesome. I have a 9 year old who's name is Logan. The testing that he has been going through is not complete. I have asked a lot of questions but have only received very few answers. This is my first time to your web, but not my last. Please keep up this great work. jhunt463@yahoo.com

Thank you for a fantastic site. My son is 5 years old and I am convinced he has Asperger's. His reception teacher is the first person to ever agree with me and we are now waiting for a referral. This site has helped me put my case more clearly to the GP. I want my son to have support and help as early as possible. Thanks again.

hi Sam I was researching for a science project on genetics when I stumbled across your sight I decided I would definitely do my project on autism. You sight was very informative and shows that autism can be over come! congratulations on a fantastic site! clare, Ireland

Hi Sam .. my name is Sam also and I have a 5 yr old Granddaughter named Georgia who has AS. Your site is great and has given us hope for her future 'The snowgoose need not bathe to remain white nor need you be anything but yourself' Lao Tse Thank you for being you ... Sam in Oz

My best friends son is currently undergoing tests to determine if he has AS. She is worried and confused but the plain English on this site has been a great help. People tend to distance themselves from him as he appears to be 'hardwork'. Regardless of the results he is fantastic little boy and a pleasure to be with if you take the time to get to know him. FANTASTIC site - thanks again.

Dear Sam, Its a great site, very straightforward and very helpful.

Very nice site warm and friendly and not wholly depressing or overly clinical unlike most of the aspbergers related sites out there. Keep up the good work peace.

Hi Think your site is great. Interesting and informative. I am involved with an inclusive theatre company called Actability ,we are currently trying to launch an Aspergers based group in Braintree in Essex. Would love to hear from you or interested parties. Paul Bamlett. 07984112289.

Hi there! My name is Graham. I'm a 21 year old male who was diagnosed almost a year ago. I first found out about the condition when I was seeing a counsellor for my depression and social isolation. I started doing my own research on AS and the best research for information came from this very site. Your site has been a real help for me, and for everyone else out there. Keep up the great work!

I'm 35 years old and work as an Architect but I have always felt different from everybody else I've ever known, only recently have I found out why that is I think, I've got AS! I'm self diagnosed at the moment but at last I think I'm starting to understand me and this site has been a very big help in that, a great source of info on the subject and very well put together.

Hello. My name is Katie and I have been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. I am 14 years, 3 months and 18 days old. I think I am lucky to have found out at my age, because I have more time to learn to improve my social behaviour. I like your site, because it helped me to understand the details of the syndrome. thank you.

Hi its Rachis here in Clichy-Sous-Bois, Paris.  I was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome 3 years ago when I was 14, my parents never really understood me and I was always bullied on the football pitch, in the coffee shop and in school, my job condition is not good, also my living condition, but the site has been of good help, thank you

Hi Sam, I really liked your site. I'm actually almost 50 (female) and it took me a long time to realise that this is what I have. I'm dyspraxic, can't drive, can be obsessive, work in computer systems. People at work make fun of me because I can work for hours on end - last week, they were moving furniture, and I didn't notice. My marriage is in real trouble now because I'm more "cold and distant" than I should be - but thanks to diagnosis, I'm working on it - and am trying to be very aware in front of my 2 teenagers, trying to not get too obsessive. It takes some doing! I liked the straightforward nature of your site, with no pictures, etc, and can relate to the organised way you have set things up. Will revisit site again soon!

Thank You very much for your article on Aspergers syndrome. I have a 9yr. old Grandson who Drs. say has Aspergers syndrome. They are going to give him a MMPI test. I just want you to know, it is wonderful to be able to find, read and understand more concerning this syndrome. Sincerely Pat E. WI.

Thank you so much for this information. It has really educated me on Asperger's Syndrome.

Hi, I am married to a man who I have long thought to have problems associated with higher functioning autistic spectrum, and he has finally admitted to me that after seeing a TV programme about Aspergers, he now feels the same way. Before, I did not dare broach the subject, but now we have found your site, the self diagnosis he has done does lead him to agree that he has this "problem" as he puts it. I still find it hard at time when he gets either fixed ideas, or is unable to cope in social situations, and will actively avoid them if possible, hoping I will do this as well, and I being a very social person, get very frustrated over this, but now I am trying hard to see this from his point of view. Thank you for your help.

Thank you, Sam, for all the information and insight you have put into this site. I have a client that has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. I knew very little about it and being able to read your experiences has helped me a great deal to understand the "world" of my client.

It's nice to find a site on the internet that gives info on A.S. from someone's personal situation. Keep up the good work.

Sam, Many thanks for the enormous amount of work that has gone into your site. Comprehensive but set out in clear language I found it very informative and I am sure it will be of great benefit to very many people. You can be sure that all the work has been worthwhile. Joe

Since the beginning I have always been the 'odd one out', I always ask myself what is wrong with me only to be convinced that I must be some kind of social freak. I am now 27 years old, living in an Asian society where syndromes such as Asperger's are not properly recognised in the society. I am glad I found this site, probably some interaction here will allow me to find my way in this society that I does not seem to fit in.

I am convinced that my friend has Aspergers and would dearly love for him to embrace it rather than shy away from it. I read briefly through your section on Aspergers and discrimination and agree whole heartedly with your views. We are all different and that is how things have always been. My friend once asked me why I am with him and after just a little thought I answered, "The more I know you the more I want to know about you. The more I am with you, the more I want to be with you." His honesty is something I admire also the way he has coped living with so called 'normal' people. Aspergers have priceless treasures to share with others who would care to get off their high horses and listen for a change. Hopefully we will go ahead with a planned documentary on Aspergers in Adults this coming year. (We are both mature film students at Reigate College of Art and Media.) Has any one thought how much better this world would be if many more people were Aspies? If anyone would care to reply to my email my address is birdy@dragonbird.uk.com Love Light and Understanding Birdy Heywood We must all learn

What a fantastic site. My son is now 5 and a half, and has behavioural problems. I have been really struggling to understand why he does some of the things he does. I thought that I just had a naughty little boy on my hands, but the other night I watched a programme about a lady who had 4 boys who all had AS in different degrees. I realised that a lot of things that they were doing were very familiar. I have since looked at a lot of sites but this is by far the most informative and would like to thank you. My son is now booked in with a specialist for diagnosis.

This website has been very informative. I have a neighbour who has an 11 y/o son who is struggling with school and being bullied because his social graces are so "weird" to everyone else. I have shared this website with her hoping she will get help for her son. The public school system just keeps telling her he has tested in the normal range for most of his subjects except language. Her son has fights almost everyday which has caused a level of depression for him at school. He also has a normal I Q range but I have advised her he needs a neurological workup for him. I hope this is a good starting point to get to the root of his problem. I think she will have a good start in unravelling this mystery. Thanks so much, Thelma

Thank you for this wonderful resource! It is tremendously helpful!

Sam: A wonderful site. Will recommend to Aspiehangout.com's parent site, but they probably already know about it. The moderator there, a female adult Aspie, herself recently remarked to me that she, too, felt empathy, just had trouble expressing it! You also verified thoughts I've had for ages about IQ tests, the male intelligence brain bunk, etc. I would describe my Aspie daughter also as sort of androgynous. You might explore the possible metaphysical reasons for autism. I know that to be the chief reason why there is autism. Metaphysical first, genes second, I always say! We live in South Carolina.

hi my 5 yr old grand daughter is why I'm here. her counsellor at her school says they think she may have this syndrome. she has a heart problem where one chamber doesn't squeeze like it should and she has staring seizures and is on meds for that...this was a shock and we are taking her to her neurologist next month. we don't want her to be singled out in school. kids are cruel to others that may be different and I don't want her to be treated different. she is bright and beautiful. thanks for this site. Emma

Thank you for your wonderful website and sharing your life story with your readers. So many things on this website make me realise that a diagnosis is so vital for me. So long my life has felt like an inaccurate sum, like I am the "odd one out", however, when I research about AS the sums, so to speak, are correct, like 1 + 1 = 2. Thank you for taking time to inform people about AS.

Not diagnosed yet... but this website has confirmed a lot of things we are looking at for a diagnosis. Thank you for this site. Well done.

I am investigating Asperger's because we suspect it might be the cause of our 7 year old son's frustrations. I was looking all week for a list of symptoms/diagnostic criteria and found them here; thanks! Your website is excellent!

I am a single parent of an non-verbal autistic male child who also has mental retardation. I do have some Autistic/Aspergers like traits myself which leads me to suspect that I might possibly be on the Autism Spectrum Range with me having residual Aspergers Syndrome. Your website is excellent! Thank you for having an informational website about the Aspergers Syndrome!

I just want to say thank you for taking the time to set up this website. My son who is not currently with me has been diagnosed recently. And as his mom who anticipates being reunited soon with him was desperate for info. This was a great place to start. I will be visiting you much more in the following days to receive more info. I need to know as a aren't what I can do for my son. He means every thing to me and I want to know all I can to help him have a fairly "normal" life. Thank you again. A. HORTON

Thank you for all the great information...I have a nephew who I think has this condition so it was very helpful

Until today I never heard of this condition before. I only found out about this as I was talking to someone on line who suffers from the condition I have read your web page and I have found it very interesting.

Thank you for the wonderful site. The information here covers such a broad range of what it is to have AS. Reading through it, I can see myself in the world. I would be very interested in another section that deals more with the distinct social/sexual issues of AS women and girls, as I feel it is an often overlooked area of concern. It would be good to address miscommunication, reciprocity failure, flirting problems, intimidation, and sexual exploitation.

The first credible information I have found since reading about Temple Grandin in Oliver Sacks' An Anthropologist on Mars. That was engrossing, but this is so practical. Good job.

I think this site is very useful because my brother has Aspergers and I am 14 years old so it is quite hard to understand why he his like it and why he is so intelligent but very bad behaved and demands everything should go his why. Thanks Melissa.

This site has been a great help to me. I have a 10 year old daughter with Aspergers. However, when I took her for a diagnosis, they said she didn't have it because she had a few friends. Your site has given me the information I need to pursue the diagnosis and try to get the help she needs at school. Thank you.

hi, I think your site is very productive. I have a son with asd and add as well as other medical difficulties. I can honestly say I have found out more information from your site than all the other site put together that I have visited in the last 8yrs. Thank you so much your information as helped me so much. kind regards Lisa.

My name is Em, I'm 31 and live in Brisbane, Australia. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website. There is very little post-diagnosis support for adults after diagnosis and your website cleared up a lot of questions I had last year. The website just gets better and better. I also regularly post to a local forum, http://forum.asperger.asn.au/ and often recommend your site.

Thank you so much for giving me insight into the world of Aspergers. I have a son 8yrs old and worry very much about him and how he will do as an adult. I found your web-site to be very refreshing especially as it comes from someone with Aspergers. I think the world needs to be accepting of all types of people and I can honestly say I have learned more from my son than any other human being on this earth. Thank you for bring some hope in my life. Regards Daksha

What an informative website with a wealth of information!! I am in the process of assessment for my 3 year old son, (Tuesday) and I am really anxious but your website has answered a lot of the things that were troubling me. Thanks

excellent site really enjoyed visiting it and added to favourites. Denise

hi, I'm Beth, I'd just like to say that this site was very helpful to me. I work in a care home for mental health and autism adults and just had a new client come to live there. he had been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and I didn't know anything about it until now. I now understand him a lot better. thank u.

Thank you, what a great site. I am a Teaching Assistant working with AS pupils and am studding for a NVQ3 - my specialised subject AS. Corrine

Thanks so much for the brilliant site. As a just-diagnosed 31yo woman, its great to have a female perspective on what seems to be considered a mostly male issue. You've helped me to make sense of so many oddities in my life. Jess

Thank you very much, I have just been told that my 11yr old son has autistic traits poss. Aspergers, we are awaiting final diagnosis, I walked around in a daze for a bit and then found your site, which has helped me so much to see it through his eyes and to help me, and my family understand which is the hardest thing because he looks a normal boy sorry for the expression! others find it hard to believe. Thanks again. Kirsty.

Thank you for this site. It is extremely helpful and objective. A site such as this is very rare. Michael Donlon Alsager , Cheshire UK

How refreshing to hear your comments from a women's perspective. I relate entirely to what you say. Good for you!

Thank you for your hard work, Sam. What I've read has increased my understanding of our recently-diagnosed 23-year old daughter. I will be back to visit again soon! Pam in Chandler, AZ

my son was diagnosed with Aspergers this year after he got in trouble with the police, he is 27.What is the long term prospects for him when he comes out of prison. we no really nothing about any support groups so will he have to deal with it himself with the help of his family. Like we have always done so far

This is one helluva site I can tell you... I have practically read every single word on your site, that's how great it is and I've been here often. I am a "suspected" aspie (by mom) and I am going for diagnosis next month (Mom and I are 99% sure that I have this). Can't wait... Best wishes: Sunna Rose (sunna@stormur.net)

Who ever laid out this site deserves praise. It is one of the best I have come across.

Thank you for the information on AS. My boyfriends son has AS and I really found a lot of great information on your site. I think your site is a great outlet for you. Keep up the good work!!

This is a brilliant site - informative and helpful. I like your informal style - it feels friendly and approachable. Thank you so much - you've obviously put an awful lot of work into this. I'm very grateful. Sylvia

What a gift this site is! For two decades my son has struggled with these issues, been misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated. Finally some clarity and insight into his "different drummer". I can't thank you enough!

I find this site really helpful, and sometimes refer friends to articles here. I especially appreciated the article on female Aspies. I myself am female, diagnosed with PDD-NOS, and there is definitely not enough out there to explain/support Asperger's women.

Hi Sam. I've just flicked through your web site for the second time this year and you've updated it quite a lot. It's even better than before and a lot of 'lost' people will benefit from the info on AS. I've just come out of the other side of an abusive relationship and because I have AS it made everything e.g.. bullying, psychological stuff, TEN TIMES WORSE. Your site helped me a lot and I just want to say THANK YOU. LOUx

Thank you for your web site, it's clear and reassuring and a pleasure to read. I belong to a support group for adults with Asperger's syndrome, and I will make sure to tell them about it at our next meeting.

thank you very much for all the information on your site, I have a lot of information which will be useful.

Well done Sam ... with a 99% certainty my 28 year old son is Aspie and I have just re-started the assessment procedure with this knowledge in mind in order to improve his quality of life. I have also bookmarked your page (a) to help him understand that he is not alone and (b) to help his sister understand the complexities a little better. There are so many misconceptions when it comes to anything neurological - what you have set out here exhibits nothing less than a person who cares enormously about her fellow human beings. Thank you Sam - you have done many people a very great service ..... and the hundreds of hours of work has been well worth the effort you put into it. Take care and look after yourself - best possible wishes...

Extremely coherent and helpful. A parent.

Dear Sam, Your website is the best AS resource I've yet come across. In 1987 I was in the Royal Air Force and they finally had enough of my "bizarre" behaviour. A military psychiatrist diagnosed me as an idiot (I wish I was joking) and they threw me out. I spent 18 years sitting in a lonely room staring at the walls and thinking it was all my own fault, until I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. So, for me life really does begin at 40 :) I've visited a lot of AS related sites and most of them haven't impressed me. I hope that doesn't sound arrogant? The trouble is, in my opinion, that parents & carers & psychiatrists & psychologists, however well-intentioned or qualified, can't understand how it FEELS to have this condition. You've added that extra dimension and as a computer-illiterate aspie I'm very grateful. Thank you. Stephen Bailey diana@bailey6770.fsnet.co.uk

Thank you for creating this site. Your information on the subject was informative and very professionally written. I learned a lot about this condition. You dispelled a lot of rumours for me about Asperger. The best to you.

Wow! I just became aware of Asperger's syndrome in the last few months, as the culmination of years of searching for what my "problem" is. Your descriptions are like a breath of fresh air. I've never read or heard words that expressed what I'm like so well, and I'll never feel like a freak again. I just wanted to say thank you so much. Your words have changed my life. -- AMH hosford42@yahoo.com

The site is well presented, and your style is very helpful, its a relief to read such clear, informative writing which is jargon-free. Thank you, I'll be visiting again. Julia W

As a student studying to become a special educator, I find your definition and use of neurodiversity a breath of fresh air! I, too, believe there are no "accidents" and that everyone has contributions to society. Your survey on how those with AS were treated in school and how they felt about school brought up many questions in my mind. I think it would be a good starting point to see what literature has been written on this subject to date and, perhaps, be a catalyst for a study. The more reliable information I have to use as an educator, the better I can assist my students. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for such a wonderful site! I am a 27 year old female and have always known that I was different from everyone else. It is only in the last couple of years since my son was diagnosed as having an autistic spectrum disorder that I have looked more into the subject, and my mother and I now have very little doubt that I too have Aspergers/high functioning autism. I have not been formally diagnosed as yet, my problems have always been put down to clinical depression which I was first diagnosed with as a young child believe it or not! Reading your comments has inspired me to seek a diagnosis, especially the part about not feeling depressed anymore but still having problems. I have suffered from severe depression, especially in my late teens and early twenties and like yourself I had some very strange and undesirable effects from medication. I no longer feel depressed but I still have all the problems that were put down to depression. Reading about your experiences has in many ways been like reading a book about myself. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, experiences and research. Wendy Jones

Sam, I keep returning to your site. It is delicious. Today I discovered your essays, your poetry and the geometrical patterns. All highly enjoyable for me! So nice and comforting to learn that somebody else has so very similar experiences a n d is able to describe everything so vividly. But most of all I admire your clear and structured thinking which comes across in everything you wrote! Bye, Martina

Hello, I am German, female, 41, and self diagnosed myself with Asperger's syndrome about 3 months ago, when I happened to read about it on the internet. Congratulations for your site. So far it seems to be the best I happened upon. I am currently planning to get me diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for giving me words to explain myself. Everything you say about your experiences is so much like mine, but I never could describe it to people around me. They read your stories and understand me.

I just wanted to say how easy your site was to navigate, I found it really helpful and it answered the questions that I had. Well done to you for creating the sight and keeping it so easy to use.

Thanx for the information Sam. You've saved my life. Annie X

Thanks you for providing such a wonderful and well thought out website about AS. I hope that you site goes from strength to strength. I look forward to checking your site again soon to see how things are going. The world needs more sites like yours. Lea xxx www.yadhdpm.co.uk

My 17 year old daughter has Aspergers. She functions on a high level. She is a junior in high school, until recently she has been able to compensate for her differences. Because of her high test scores she does not qualify for any special services despite a drastic fall in her grades. I now believe that her lack of organization is her biggest obstacle in school. Thank you for this web site. I will be referring it to her school as a resource. Hopefully understanding Aspergers and particularly female Aspies will help us all in understanding her special challenges.

Thanks, Sam for all your info...I recently formed the opinion that my 25 year old son has grown up with AS and no one ever diagnosed him or knew it...we just thought he was "different". I wish I had all this information when he was little...it would have made a big difference in his life since he still has problems! Blessings, Rebekah

thank you for making this web site. suddenly I don't feel so much like an alien outside from the norm of everybody else and always trying to play catch up. but failing socially miserably. I'm suddenly not alone. thank you all my best wishes ingsey from Scotland

Your site is very interesting. I am 44-years-old and I am diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. When I was a kid growing up they knew nothing about Asperger. Everybody just saw me as very different and strange. Now I have a clear understanding about me and why I act the way I do.

Thank you, this is a wonderfully informative site and has helped me understand my AS b/f so much more than any other site or book has been able to do. I have found it compelling reading and will no doubt re-read much of it again.

A really good informative website. I'm 38 and I'm just starting to consider that I might have AS, or at least some of the traits of it. I'm not really sure at the moment. I really appreciate the amount of hard work you must put into this website.

my daughter who is 8 is now in the process of being diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. she is also adhd. your site has really given me an insight to my daughters world. and answered so many questions for me and my family. they all said that she was just young for her age and to move on, but now we have a greater sense of what she really has and how to help her live with it. thank you, Wendy Swanson

Really good site. I work often in special schools as a visiting artist but have always taken the approach of not researching reasons behind diagnosed special needs, preferring to treat everyone equally ( or maybe it's because researching everybody's diverse conditions would be too daunting!!). Just recently started connecting with a diagnosed Asperger's in my home life. He is a friend of my seven year old son-attending mainstream school and getting into fairly regular bother. He comes round our house regularly now and is a lovely lad - manically energetic. He displays the anxieties you talk about a lot on your site but his other common 'non-neurotypical' behaviour is a tendency to violence and if anything, a leaning to be a potential bully rather than a victim of it. This is mild rather than what I would call difficult behavioural pattern although it does get him into a fair bit of bother at school both from peer group who find it wearisome and from teachers who find it frustrating that he won't learn what physical behaviour is acceptable among his neurotypical peers. I wonder if you have come across an aspie like him before-all different as you say - and to some extent his physical behaviour could well be parental influence as both have military training backgrounds. Even so...reading your extensive site, the tendency toward violence looks unusual. Any comments would be gratefully received. Thanks again for a great site. garyboswell@kencomp.net

One of the best and most informative site I have visited My son (14) has AS and also a very high IQ He can be challenging but my wife and I really benefit from the insight his view on life give us. Have you benefited from psychological counselling - if so it would be wonderful to here about that. Having a label sometimes gives the idea that nothing positive can be done. Yet my son benefits from talking to his counsellor and in ways that we see as very positive. Keep up the good work in maintaining this site and good luck.

My 5 year old son has Aspergers. He looks at life in a way that is quirky and refreshing. He can be delightful but exhausting. The best advice I can give to anyone out there who is new to this is "let them be themselves". If your child wants to collect sticks, line up his cars and eat nothing but cauliflower on a white plate then let him. Just love him/her for who they are. Don't distress them by trying to make them conform.

Thank you for providing this site. It was a real eye opener for me. I have been married to a man I now believe to be an Aspie and am now understanding more perfectly the causes for some of our problems. Your site has been very helpful and informational.

This is an excellent resource. I intend to add it to my list of sources useful information both for clients and student to look at. Congratulations. Dr John Rowe - Consultant Clinical Psychologist. Learning Difficulties Services. City and Hackney Primary Care NHS Trust. john.rowe@chpct.nhs.uk.

Thank you for being there; for all your work which is laid out so clearly; for helping to still my mind; for helping me understand something which I've battled with and tried to ignore all my life (at least the part of my life when I realised that I was different, that I perceived things differently from other people, that I had to run just to keep up with the others who were walking, and that my methods of compensating in order to achieve even the most ordinary thing were unseen ...) There are others in my family who are also affected but unaware - it seems endless. But you have given me something to focus on and this has helped to slow the ceaseless thoughts chasing around in my head. Thanks...

Best site I've seen on Asperger Syndrome in ages. You're a star. I can see I will be visiting this site frequently. I have a twelve year old son with AS who was diagnosed at the age of six, but we pretty much knew when he was about three (we just weren't sure what exactly the issue was, then). Over nearly ten years I have been on a very steep learning curve as I knew nothing at all about autism before being thrown into the deep end by my son. Wouldn't swap him for the world though. Best wishes.

My son is soon being tested soon for "high-functioning" autism at his school. This website gave me a lot of insight and took care of a lot of the questions I had. Thank you for the answers to almost all of my questions! Teri T.

I am concerned that my son has Asperger's. Your site has offered the most comprehensive information and I would like to thank you for putting it all together. I will definitely be coming back!

This site was very easy to use and I found out more about Asperger's Syndrome here than anywhere else. Thank you Sam - you have helped me to help another person with Asperger's Syndrome who wants my assistance in finding him a job. Keep up the good work.

THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE! I have recently taken a position as an assistant to a doctor who has Asperger's Syndrome. Our first weeks together were strenuous for both of us, as I am a very outgoing, social person--now, I see that perhaps the change was probably MORE strenuous for him. This site helped me to understand better how he perceives his surroundings, and helped me to organize myself in a way that complements him best. I always liked him, but now that I understand some of his tendencies better, I like him a lot more! I feel like our working relationship has been improved 100% thanks to the information I found here. Thanks, again! E.D. in Arkansas

I am a police officer who recently had to speak to a boy who was accused of bullying. This boy is currently being diagnosed with Asperger's. Your site is very helpful for all of us who don't readily understand how people with Asperger's perceive the world.

very informative, well designed web-site. I have included it in my Favourites. I have a 22 year old daughter only diagnosed in 2003 with AS so I read as much as I can about it..... parent from Australia....

This website has been very useful. I have a friend who I think has Asperger's Syndrome. I hope I can help him more thanks to the information on this website.

this is a very informative and useful website which has helped me with my gcse's. my brother has it and I found it very useful to find out what it is all about. thanx Sarah

Thank you for putting in to words what I'm trying to work out in my head. The more I read the more I realise my husband has Aspergers. How, now, do I go about addressing this issue?

Just wanted to say Thanks....This site has really helped me to get a better understanding of how my son is feeling after he was just now diagnosed at the age of 15.

I would like to thank you for your extensive information on Asperger's and Autism. I have a brother with Asperger's syndrome (he's 2 years younger than me) and now that he is a teenager, he's become more difficult to deal with. All of the information on this page is really helpful in helping me to understand my brother and his condition. I love him very much, but I feel like maybe he doesn't understand that.

As a parent of a child with Asperger syndrome I found your website to be extremely informative, down to earth, friendly and easy enough for all to understand. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

thank you sweetie, just been told my son has Aspergers...your page reminded me he's still my human son not some unknown alien the ed pschs described.

Thank you for producing the website. My son is 19 years old and throughout his life has had problems which neither the medical nor the educational system has been especially helpful with, nor particularly interested in addressing. We have believed for many years that Andrew is dyspraxic, but it many be that there is another explanation for the characteristics he shows. Knowing that there are recognised explanations is reassuring and gives me heart as I seek to support him. Thank you. Roger Hopkin.

hi, I'm sally (yes, a girl). I'm 21 and it's only just occurred to me that I might have AS. I've spent all afternoon on the internet and your site is by far the most informative and helpful to me. everything is written very clearly, more so than most sites on the web, and I found it easy to understand even though I have no prior knowledge. I especially enjoyed your bio page and found myself nodding along to a lot of what you had to say, especially your thoughts and experiences when you were younger. I've added this site to my list of favourites and I intend to come back and visit often. keep up the good work!

Great site, packed full of info. I am in a rehab battling alcohol problems, and trying to get a formal diagnosis of AS. It ain't easy! Sites like yours are an inspiration to me and others like me. Matt

What a great job you have done/are doing! As an adult with AS (age 51) who finds it harder and harder to understand how the rest of the world manages to function the way it does, it is very helpful to read your excellent summaries. This helps me finds a bit of validation and know that there are indeed "others like me" out there, when I get to feeling like I am the only one on the planet.  Even though I am a very good doctor and communicate well with patients and their parents, I have "flunked out" of medicine because I cannot "get" the social behaviours necessary to interact successfully with my peers. It is very difficult to get psychiatrists and such to be interested in someone who is very high functioning intellectually unless I get so depressed from social isolation that I feel suicidal. THAT they know how to treat (sort of). Anyway, what I meant to say was this is a great site and keep it up. Laura

a truly awesome website - of the kind only an aspie could manage. as an adult diagnosed aspie I welcome your stance on neurodiversity - I am proud of what I am and would not want to change even if it was possible. NT society should leave us alone to develop our own social structures and networks free of their intervention (which we are now beginning to do). furthermore, I feel that aspie education should be driven by Aspies not by NT psychologists and social workers - we know what is best for us. keep up the good work. john. England.

thanks so much for such a comprehensive site and so easy to get around. I have been pulling my hair out about my partner and had heard about Aspergers and ADHD so now I can mull it all over and hopefully talk to him about it as well. This may well have saved our relationship. Ginny NSW Australia

Dear Sam, I am deeply in love with the most amazing, strange human being I have ever encountered. I believe that thanks to your site I may now start to learn how to share this love with him without conflict and confusion. . . I don't know what else to say. You've given me back my hope! Thank you for being you.

I found this site both informative and interesting. I am to get a new student with this "label" next week. I wanted to find out everything I could about it. He is at 3rd grade level.

I am a practicing educationalist involved with students alleged to have Aspergers, however I prefer to find out the symptoms and signs so not to be swayed. the information you have provided on this site was more than invaluable, it has opened my eyes to possible teaching methods I may not have tried or considered, due to a perception I had. this will also assist in developing a more individual ILP and holistic learning experience. thank-you Phillip Fairhurst Training Officer Middlesbrough Youth Service

This site is brilliant and full of information. I so often wanted to give up on my boyfriend of nearly 2 years as I thought he was a control freak who could not talk to me properly. I knew he was dyslexic when I met him but somehow sensed that was not the whole story. A friend of mine mentioned Asperger 2 months ago and I am finally beginning to understand where he is coming from and that he does not always have the choice on how he reacts to things. I am note sure if we have a future but I certainly want to find out a lot more and have identified (thanks to your web-site) some books that I could buy on Asperger and relationships and sexuality. At least I can now make an informed choice. It has also helped his mother who knew something was wrong from birth but did not know what it was. She now knows his behaviour was not her fault and that she was right all along. Peter is 35 and runs a successful business (on his own. Although our relationship is full of ups and downs he has a lovely side to him and that is what has helped me cope. It makes such a difference knowing why he is so "strange" about certain things like smells, foods, routines, why he is so frustrated sometimes. I could go on and on but I feel I have just opened a door and there is a lot more to learn. Peter has read some of your information and he is relieved that I may be able to understand him better as he could not always explain how he felt himself. It has also explained so many things to him which he did not know the reason why. So thank you so much for the site. Regine

Thank you for all your efforts. I hadn't known anyone that had clearly been identified as an 'Aspie', but now am certain I have met many. I think its fascinating that someone actually recognized this as a group of similar neurobehavioral traits with a diagnosis. This can only lead to understanding, and with that, support.

Thank you for this site, Sami, for all the hard work you have put in and for your beautiful honesty and generosity in sharing what is personal. It's helped me immensely, more than any other site or book, and I know it'll continue to help others. I am the only person in my immediate family without AS traits, which is also a difficult situation! Your insights have helped my understanding, which can only help me in getting along with my family.

I have learned more information in my research on AS than any other site at the moment. My son, who is 26 years old, has just recently been diagnosed with this condition. Thank you. D.L. Cotter

Sam, I have just been hired to work as a Teaching Assistant for 6th graders diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. In doing some homework and research, I came upon your site. It is wonderful, enriching, honest, candid, and most helpful in understanding the person. Thank you for your hard work...the site is great. Marilynn New York, New York

First time it was mooted I probably fitted into the Autism Spectrum was when I worked in a school for autistic teenagers. Head mistress kept telling me in a teasing (bullying?) manner. She was right the more knowledge I gained the more I knew it was true. This site is wonderful and should be more well known, this site takes the fear out of autistic behaviour for those who have and those who don't. Well done

This is a great web site, I have found it very helpful and will add to my favourites for future referral.

Dear Sam, what an incredible site! I am a 25 year old AS from Brooklyn, NY, who diagnosed herself about a month ago and will go in for professional diagnosis soon. I came by your site by following the link on the Autistic Adults Picture Project site, and am almost on the verge of tears from happiness at having found this. No, seriously. Thanks so much! (and I have to say that your piece on NT reactions to coming out are spot on... and made me laugh.)

This web site is exceptional and I am so pleased that I came across it. My 5 year old grandson has just been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, and whilst the family knew that something was wrong (my daughter is an occupational therapist and I am a university teacher in the areas of nursing and midwifery) the diagnosis has been unsettling to receive. This web site has given me a great deal of information and within that renewed hope for my grandson. Doreen Kenworthy (Yorkshire)

Thank you so much for this site. My ex girlfriend has Aspergers and I didn't have a clue for eight months. We split up three months ago, but thanks to your site and the information I've gleaned from it, I am trying my hardest to win her back and make up for the mistakes I made. Your sites information has given me the launching pad to do this. Thank you. Paul

Sam, I cannot even begin to tell you how much your website has helped our family. My brother, Jeff, was recently diagnosed with AS after 30 years. We have gone through so much as a family during this time. It took us this long to find an answer. I found a wonderful psychiatrist who told us about this syndrome. He asked me to research it online and see if this fit my brother's profile. After reading about AS, I feel like my family has finally found an answer. It was like reading about my brother!!!! Everything makes sense now. Finally... We are now dealing with a mixture of emotions, but at least we have answers. Our faith has led us this far. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and in it's right time. I also believe that some people are blessed with the gift of helping others. You have been a blessing in our lives, Sam. Your strength is admirable. Thank you. My family thanks you. My brother thanks you. God bless you. ( : Lilian Davis and the Soler Family

This is an outstanding site. Superb! I have an amazing son, 8 years old, who was diagnosed with AS at age 6. I knew he had AS by the time he was 4. I've been his social interpreter since he was a toddler, but he grasps the academic world with his entire being. Thank you for sharing your story, for all of your hard work, and for being generous enough to put together such a well organized and comprehensive site with so many resources. ~from a mother whose priority is to enable her son to live life to his fullest ability, and to enjoy it.

Thank you for your website. I diagnosed myself with A.S. four months ago, and I have visited your site many times since then. I found it helpful and entertaining at the same time. Although I was impressed by the whole of the contents, thanks in particular for the diagnostic overlap section. This is of paramount importance if you want to diagnose yourself, and I have found no other website gathering this information comprehensively in one place.

My thanks for all your hard work on this site, it has been very helpful. I was diagnosed with Asperger yesterday, I am 50, married with child and grandchildren, director of 3 companies and a trustee of 4, active in voluntary groups and local community. I wear a wheelchair and have carried the personality disorder tag for many years. I write extensively and am working on my 4th volume of poetry; most of my stuff is for specialist readers in Social Housing, Local and Central Government, Business and so on. I am successful because I am as I am, people either accept me or do not do so; it is not a big deal. The hard part is to accept oneself for what one is, rather than what one would prefer to be. As for working, yes, I have worked for others, indeed I recommend the army as a way of providing a stable and structured environment with plenty of opportunity to blow off steam and learn anger management. In later life I have been a sole-trader 3 times and founded and run my own charitable company - largely because I wanted to be able to decide what directions that I wanted to take would be. We each come to terms with what and who we are in our own ways, personally I have always been open and honest about all aspects of my physical and mental disablements, but it is not enough to be just open, one needs to spell out the advantages that one brings to a group or organisation or business, and to sell them on the idea of employing a unique individual who will be a positive boon to their activity. From one alien to another, "Live long and prosper." Chris Green chris.green@env.org.uk

I want to tell you haw much I appreciate your site. I am 18 years old, and female. I found an article about Asperger's Syndrome while I was browsing the internet. I searched for more information, and the more I read, the more Asperger's Syndrome sounds like me. I'd already suspected that I had an anxiety disorder, but now I think that that falls under the umbrella of AS. Your site has been by far the most helpful to me in understanding myself. It's almost hard to believe that I've found something that completely explains why I am the way I am. In school, many people blamed my obvious differences on the fact that I was an only child (!). Sometimes I wouldn't recognize that I was being teased, but more often I knew full well that I was but was at a loss to do anything about it except cry. My mother told me to "try to be more outgoing", but somehow that didn't seem to do the trick. I've just finished my first year of university, and in general it was a positive experience, but I didn't make any close friends. It's not so much that the rules of social interaction seem like a foreign language to me; it's more that I think I understand them, and don't realise that I don't until after I've said something "wrong". Once I said "I can't hear you!" where I really meant "Please talk to me." Also, if someone says something mean to me, and then someone else says something nice to me, I find this hard to reconcile. It's as if the universe is simultaneously being mean and nice to me, although part of me knows that this is totally unreasonable, and unfair to the nice person. I've already decided that I don't like the "on the wrong planet" comparison. "I am human, therefore nothing concerning human kind is alien to me."

This is the best non-medical site on AS I have found. My son, 14, was diagnosed a couple of years ago after years of unhappiness at school. He eventually was so distressed that I "rescued" him - we've home schooled ever since. I kept being told he had an attitude problem & was a bright kid who frequently "chose" not to co-operate. I half accepted this at first, but it seemed to me that he was burnt out & in despair, having genuinely done his best over a long period, & "failed" at many things expected of him which seemed simple to others. Because he was clearly intelligent, no one imagined "commonsense" tasks could be confusing for him. I couldn't convince school authorities that he may have genuine difficulties, & finally arranged assessments privately. Fortunately my own miserable school experiences were not forgotten & I could make sense of what he was telling me & take him seriously. Home schooling, not appropriate long term, is a good alternative to a psychologically damaging environment where he wasn't learning, but "shutting down," disengaging as a way of coping. He worked through his maths phobia & has discovered talents he never suspected. Knowing about AS led to me reconsider my own difficulties & look at those of other family members. Probably my dad was AS, though he also put me down as a kid for being clumsy, dreamy, dopey, slow etc. I was more than half convinced I was stupid, but my MENSA eligible husband considers me smarter than him. He also fits the AS profile, & perhaps me too, though I've come far & am more socially functional than him. My older daughter (to a different father, even more readily recognisable as AS than my own dad) has unmistakeable AS traits too: but despite continuing problems, she can appear socially competent. ....All of which is thought provoking, disturbing, illuminating. My son is ambivalent about the DX. He's glad of an explanation that to an extent vindicates him, but hates the "special needs" tag, doesn't seek information about AS & is uncomfortable with any but brief references to it. He enjoyed a novel about an AS teenager, but resists discussion. Your site is great because it makes sense of the AS experience, tying the facts into it instead of just setting them out. It's easier to read about a subjective experience than try to translate an objective description & consider whether it fits. Maybe my boy will explore the site too if I tell him about it. THANKS. Lynne

You have a brilliant website. I must say. It is better than mine! My name is Kevin and I have Asperger's. My website is on your site of links. I would like to, with your permission, add this website to my site of recommended links. I am pleased I came across this. It is so thorough and informative. Congratulations Kevin

My son heard a program on the radio concerning Aspergers condition. Since he has a friend with an autistic child, he is very interested in all aspects of autism. As my husband described a co-worker's bewildering actions, our son immediately remembered the program about Aspergers. Your site provides info that may help my husband to help his friend and co-worker to understand why the co-worker reacts the way he does to certain situations. Thank you for taking the time to provide this.

Thank you for creating this site. It has clarified things very well and will certainly be of great help to the family involved. Your directness and honesty is greatly appreciated and your highly intelligent and articulate approach to explaining your own situation is to be admired. Thank you so much.

Thank you for putting this website together - I am Mum to a soon to be 7 year old son - who has difficulties - some of which are very Asperger-like - and this site has been a comfort. Its good to know so many other people are dealing with similar issues and also to have details of, and links to, so much information. Best wishes, Shirl.

Thank you. I ran across your site right at the right time. You're doing good things for many. PMW

I am the mother of a 7-year-old boy searching for a diagnosis for his difficulties, when the school psychologist suggested yesterday that he may have Asperger's syndrome. This site is the first I clicked on after using my search engine today and I feel as though I don't have to look anywhere else! Not only is it helpful, insightful, comprehendible, and easy to get around, but it gives that wonderful personal touch to what might otherwise be psychological and/or medical mumbo jumbo. Thank you so much.

I came to this site because I work with children and a boy came in the mother said he had Aspergers syndrome I wasn't sure what it was so she said it was a form of autism this site is very informative and if I wasn't having money problems I would donate to your site I say full speed ahead for awareness

I have been working with young people with AS for almost 10 years and I must say that this is one of the most interesting and informative sources of information I have ever read. What a wonderful accomplishment! Thank you and I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavours. I will recommend this site to my clients. MAS

thank you, a very interesting site, which I will return to on occasions, why am I here? well I have a friend who works for The HELSEY group and I wanted to find out more. well done for enlightening me, lots for me to think about, Steve

Thank you for shedding a little more light on the subject, my counsellor mentioned AS to me as a possible diagnosis but I have other issues I'm dealing with which I now suspect is all connected to AS and I will definitely seek proper diagnosis. My current diagnosis is severe depression with psychosis. thanks.- Eric S., eshegrud@aol.com

This site was very helpful. I am a teacher and needed more insight on the Asperger student. Thank you. If only I could relay this to the parent without ruffling any feathers:)

What a brill site! My son is 22 & just been diagnosed AS after being admitted to hospital with severe depression. I have been trying to find out as much as possible about the condition and have visited lots of sites; I can definitely say that yours is just about the clearest & most comprehensive I have seen. All good wishes and please keep up the good work. Female Aspies rule OK!

I just visited your site for the first time. I am a member of the ASSN (Qld) Inc in Australia and someone put your link on our discussion page. I think your site is very informative and you have done an amazing job. Good on you! Helen Fitzpatrick, Brisbane, Australia.

This is a nice site with a lot of information. Thank you, Jansassy

Thank you for a really valuable resource- your site is well-designed, accessible and informative. The aspect I found most valuable was the perspective from an 'insider's' (aspie) point-of-view, making me aware of how judgmental and ill-educated my behaviour as an NT has been in the past. I do hope you'll keep on with this excellent website.

This is the best AS site I have ever come across! I hope you don't mind, but have used the autism support groups page to contact most of them about advice needed on various issues. I will donate once my monetary situation is sorted out. Keep up the good work Best Wishes Neil

Thank you for the excellent site. You have every right to feel proud of it. Your list of autistic/Asperger authors is comprehensive. regards, Aussie Aspie.

My 4 year old daughter has been diagnosed with possible Aspergers. By reading the information in your site it has given me a better understanding of what my daughter is experiencing and/or going through. Reading about your life has given me the hope that she will continue to get better and will not always be the same as she is now. The doctors really can't give any answers and they say they don't know what she will be capable of. I think she is Music and Math Savant just because of her love of both. It is wonderful to read things from someone who actually has Aspergers because I know that is what you actually feel. You can't get that kind of insight from a book or a doctor. Keep up the good work. -Regards, Desiree

Thank you for a great site. I have not found such a good range of information and insight anywhere else. I have not had a diagnosis of AS yet, but have great difficultly in interpreting the social sphere, leading to low self-esteem

Thank you for setting up this site, as a swimming development officer both myself and teachers who work for me are coming in to contact with children who are being diagnosed as suffering from Aspergers syndrome. This site has given me valuable information, which I can circulate to enhance their understanding of what it is and how to approach those suffering form it. Many thanks Nick Ibrahim Swimming Development Officer London Borough of Sutton

You have an excellent site. It is very professionally designed, easy to navigate, and extremely thorough! You also offer the personal touch which is so important for people seeking information and assistance for AS. Thanks so much! Greg McCormick Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Thank you for this wonderfully enlightening site! And thank you for searing through all of the psycho-babble .I am truly grateful for your remarkable insights. Onward thru the fog!... warm regards, don

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