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The Square Circle

The Square Circle is a place where people with Asperger syndrome or similar autistic spectrum conditions can communicate with each other. It is ONLY for people who consider themselves to be on the autistic spectrum and who are genuinely interested in talking with and listening to others in the same situation. It is not a support group for parents and you may not join on behalf of a child. If that is what you are looking for see the family page.

If you would like your details to appear on the pen pal listing please complete the form opposite. Please note, it is absolutely essential that you provide a functioning e-mail address. Please be reassured, your real e-mail address is disguised by a forwarding address in the listings, so other people will only get to see what it is if you choose to reply to them.

There is also a discussion board hosted by live journal that you can read and may wish to join, as well as a simple chat room.

The online autistic community is very active when it comes to raising awareness and fighting for the rights of autistic people and against discrimination. Campaigns links to some current activities that you can find out about on the web.

If you are a person on the autistic spectrum, please feel free to send in any Poetry you have written that you would like to share with visitors to this site. At the moment there is just my terrible attempt there.  

The Album is pretty empty at the moment, but it is a facility I hope to use more at a later date.

There are dozens upon dozens of Other autism / asperger chat rooms, forums, message boards, and online communities, and just a small selection are linked to here.

When completing the form opposite, please double check that you have completed all boxes and that your e-mail address has been typed correctly. Thank you.

  • This service is provided free of charge and may be altered, withdrawn, or out of order at any time without notice.

  • You join and use this service at your own risk, and should do so with caution and responsibility.

  • The author of this site has the right to remove anyone from the list without explanation or warning at any time for any reason.

  • By submitting your details using this form you are agreeing to them being displayed online.

  • You must be over 16 to have your entry added to the list.

  • It is not possible for the author of this site to police the use of this list or verify the identities of its members.

  • You may request to be removed from the list or amend your entry at any time by writing to admin@squarecircles.net

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Pen Pals Forum Chat Groups Campaigns Poetry Album Others
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